The best place to buy a holiday home abroad in 2022

If you are considering investing in a property overseas, you probably would like to know what is the best place to buy a holiday home abroad in 2022. According with different researches, Spain goes on at the top, in the first position. Of course, the best place really depends on your own needs and preferences, but it’s true that Spain matches well with everyone and it is a paradise destination.

Of all the places to visit in Spain, Marbella is one of the most popular, and for good reason. Located on the southern coast, the city boasts a range of delights, from gorgeous weather and picturesque landscapes to a variety of cultures and traditions. With the Sierra Blanca mountains to the north and the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol to the south, it is no wonder that holidaymakers, tourists and expats fall in love with Marbella. Certainly, we can proudly state that Marbella is the best place to buy a holiday home abroad.

What’s more, the chances are that if you’ve visited the region a few times, it will have a piece of your heart and you may have contemplated buying property or moving there. If you’ve been lucky enough to find and invest in a holiday home in Marbella, we can assure you that it’s a great choice.


Enjoy the best place to buy a holiday home abroad in 2022

With a holiday home in one of the most beautiful areas in Europe, the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you’re in the process of planning your next trip or considering what to do with visitors whilst abroad. Of course, with so much to offer, the choices are endless. But this needn’t seem overwhelming.

Here is The View Marbella’s guide to getting the most out of the beautiful city.

Visit the Old Town

Firstly, no time in Marbella is complete without experiencing the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. Visiting the old town area is a beautiful idea for a day out. With winding roads, narrow paved streets and traditional terracotta rooftops, this area of the city is as rich visually as it is historically.

Here you will find an abundance of flowers, orange trees, cafes and restaurants. Whether you are looking for a romantic evening in town, or a day of exploring with family and friends, Marbella’s old town is a must.

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Puerto Banús Marina

If the old town isn’t quite suave enough for your requirements, perhaps the Puerto Banús Marina will catch your eye. With luxury yachts, upmarket boutiques and priceless sculptures, this area is a stark contrast to the rustic feel of the old town, but equally as exciting.

Located east of the old town, Puerto Banús is a melting pot for those who favour a lavish lifestyle. With a sandy beach, classy restaurants and even an original Salvador Dali rhinoceros, what’s not to love?

Puerto Banús

Alameda Park

Next up, for fans of walking, exploring, photography and nature, Almeda park is the perfect place to visit. Boasting gorgeous natural canopies of tropical plants, the park feels more like a garden paradise than a public space.

When walking the paths and admiring the tiled fountains, why not stop for a moment on one of the many beautiful hand-painted Andalusian benches? They provide a picturesque location to read a book, talk with friends or enjoy lunch with a view.

Visit A Golf Course

Sure, all of this wandering, sightseeing and relaxation sounds incredible, but what about the sporty types, itching for some outdoor activities and competition to let off a little steam?

Fear not, as Marbella is also home to a multitude of incredible golf courses. These range from the elite, invite-only, clubs with premium fees and first-class clubhouse facilities, to less expensive but equally wonderful courses, perfect for a day out and to sharpen up your skills with a driver.


Water Sports

If golf isn’t quite fast-paced for you, or you’re looking for something a little more exciting for the whole family, the coast and beaches have plenty to offer you. With plenty of companies offering jet-ski hire as well as the opportunity to have a go at parasailing, wakeboarding and even snorkelling.

After a long day of fun at sea, there will always be the pristine coast of the Costa del Sol to return to, meaning you can sit back and relax before heading back to your holiday home for a bbq or drinks.


Visit The Beach

Obviously, no trip to Marbella would be worth it without spending adequate time strolling and sunbathing on the gorgeous beaches. With a multitude of scenic beaches dotted along the seafront, the choices are endless.

There are plenty of options for cocktail lovers and seaside diners with high-quality beach bars and restaurants all over. For families and little ones, you can splash around in the sea safely with lifeguards on duty throughout the summer season.


Go To A Museum

If you’re looking for a change of pace from the excitement of the sea and the extravagance of the marina, why not sprinkle a culture into your trip? As well as the abundance of outdoor activities to fill your time with, Marbella is also home to a number of breathtaking museums, art galleries and exhibitions.

For fans of fine art, the Musei Ralli is a must-see. Housing one of the finest collections of Latin American art on the planet, the gallery is home to work by hugely influential artists such as Salvador Dali, Wilfredo Lam and Roberto Matta.

If you’re after something a little out of the ordinary, why not take a trip to the bonsai museum? This fascinating building exhibits a huge variety of beautifully kept bonsai plants as well as the world’s largest collection of wild olive trees.

No matter your idea of culture, there is something for everyone in Marbella’s many museums.

Fine Dining

Of course, you can’t mention Marbella without discussing its glorious selection of restaurants and cafes. After all, good food and the southern coast of Spain are synonymous with each other.

Among the many incredible local eateries are 4 Michelin star restaurants, each of which provides a selection of local and international delicacies that are sure to excite the taste buds of locals and holidaymakers alike. However, these aren’t quite your style, there are a range of beach cafes and bars to explore.

Moreover, it would be a shame to stay so close to the sea without sampling some of the freshest fish and seafood available. Why not take a morning stroll to the fish market and grab some ingredients for a beach bbq or a dinner with friends and family. Now you have a holiday home you can enjoy the pleasures of a home-cooked meal abroad.

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In addition to the abundance of fine cuisine, beautiful beaches and culture, there are also plenty of activities for those who enjoy the party lifestyle; Marbella is famous for its wide variety of nightlife and clubs.

Having played host to international Djs, live artists and performers for decades, the coastal city has developed a reputation for being a go-to place for lovers of all genres of music.

From rooftop bars and exclusive lounges to beach parties and poolside sets, if you’re a fan of vibrant nightlife and after-hours culture, it would be foolish not to visit the amazing city.

Marbella Holiday Homes For Sale

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