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An apartment with a pool and other amenities

Here at The View Marbella, we want to make sure that everybody is as comfortable and relaxed as they can be. To accomplish this, our property is true to the concept of luxury living.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to rent an apartment with a pool or an apartment with a spa, our complex has it all. Our 24/7 security system will keep you safe whilst you enjoy our apartment with its amenities.

Come what may, our residences come with a separate kids area and many living spaces so that everybody has the option to relax privately.

two people on a treadmill

Health Club: an apartment with a gym, pool and spa

The apartment complex comes with a gym and a 25-metre lap pool for those who would like to do exercise whilst they stay with us.  With an exclusive health club, you can stay focused on your goals and keep active during your stay and then soothe off at the spa.

Apartment with a pool

At The View Marbella, we have an indoor and outdoor 25-metre lap pool. This is ideal for both those who intend on exercising and those who’d like to relax in the sun.

woman in a pool

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